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Telescopic Banner Stand - Step and Repeat

The Telescopic Banner Stand is versatile. The dimensions are 96 inches x 96 inches. The width and height can be adjusted to accomodate the banner size. Each banner can be singled sided, or double sided.

Here are the adjustable dimensions of the Telescopic Banner Stand. The dimensions can be easily adjusted using the telescoping arms:

Adjustable Width 52 - 95 Inches
Adjustable Height 36 - 96 Inches

The Telescopic Banner Stand features a steel base and an aluminum frame. It is super durable. The banner can be fastened to the banner stand using zip ties.

We are also able to print high quality vinyls for you, with the add-on grommets. Grommets are the holes that the fasteners must go through to attach the banner to your stand.

How to Setup the Telescopic Banner Stand

  • Remove the banner stand and other materials from the case
  • Attach the side poles to the base
  • Extend the length of the side poles
  • Slide graphic through the side poles
  • Take off the side bolts on the top and bottom poles
  • Place side bolts into the slots near the top of the poles
  • Slide the top pole through the graphic
  • Connect the top pole to the stand
  • Place side bolts int othe slots at the bottom of the poles
  • Slide the bottom pole through the graphic
  • Connect the bottom pole to the stand/fasten it
  • Completed!

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