Spring Back Banner Stands PRODUCTS

Spring Back Banner Stands

The Spring Back Banner Stand is called that because it does have a spring at the back. These banner stands are very lightweight, mobile and easy to setup at a moment's notice. There is also no compromise to the quality of the printing. This is a high quality banner, printed on high quality fabrics.

How to Setup a Spring Back Banner Stand

  • Start by laying out your fiberglass arms and the base
  • The arms will then clip into the base like a tent
  • 4 fiberglass arms go into the base on each side, like a criss-cross
  • The final arm clips in and secures/fastens by use of the fastener
  • The banner itself then clips into these poles
  • Whole process takes about a minute.

If you are looking for an easy to setup, easy to transport banner stand, a spring back banner stand is certainly a great choice.

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