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Hopup Backwall Systems

Hopup displays are easy, and quick to put together. They can be setup extremely quickly. The way these work is there is very little construction or assembly that needs to be done. For the most part, you just pull the hopup display slowly until it is at full length. Hopup displays differ in this way because with other displays, you have to put the legs or arms together, or other parts. With these displays, almost no assembly is required whatsoever.

How to Setup a Hopup Backwall Display

The following instructions pertain to a 3x3 hopup display, but these setup instructions or setup guide can be used towards any hopup display.
  • Take all the pieces out of the bag that they came in
  • Pull the display apart - it stretches into a full size display
  • The fabric stretches over the snap-ins and snaps down to secure.
  • Ensure the fabric stretches all the way around - do not pull too hard, or it may tear.

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