Hopup Counter PRODUCTS

Hopup Counter

The Hopup counter has an easy construction that makes setup quick and effective. You can attach a fabric graphic to the front of the counter, so people walking up can see what your stand and display is all about! Once the fabric graphic is attached it will stay on, so you've got nothing to worry about.

The counter top as well as the shelf inside use a hinged construction, so it's quick to take apart and put back together again. This means you can be pretty mobile and move around the tradeshow if need be. There are four different colors to choose from. These colors are silver, black, mahogany, and natural. You can use these different colors to fit your decor choices and different styles
for the different banners that you wish to use with the popup counter.


  • The counter can support up to 50 lbs. in weight
  • Collapses to a much smaller size, for easy portability.
  • Has a hinged top

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