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Backwall & Info Centres

The following notes explain how to put a backwall display together. These displays are quite tall, they are likely the tallest of all the displays. These displays can be as much as 8 feet tall, or sometimes even taller.

Backwall Display - Setup Instructions

  • Unpack the bag
  • Position the feet a few feet apart
  • Top poles and bottom poles
  • Bottom poles have the clasp towards the bottom of them
  • Algin the slotted key to go into the bottom of the foot
  • With simple turn of the right hand in clockwise direction secure the feet to the upright poles
  • Secure poles 1-4
  • Next onto the cross bars
  • Insert the bottom rails from the bottom up
  • Tension system that tightens as being assembled
  • Place the second crossbar, third and fourth
  • Secure the top poles, which brings the height up to 8 feet
  • Slide into the grooves and turn to the right to secure firmly in place
  • Now up to the full height
  • Grab a chair in order to put the top rails on
  • Insert from the top - technically, upside down from how the bottom poles work.
  • Four top crossbars go on
  • Final structure to put on is the graphic rails
  • Small clips fit in the slots on the bottom


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